How do I create Quizzes on Workplace?

Admins can use Learning units to create quizzes for members of their group to self-test. Learn more on Learning on Workplace and how to create a Learning unit.
To create a quiz:
  1. From Learning, click to open the unit.
  2. Click Create Quiz.
  3. You can create questions with multiple choice answers.
  4. For each question, mark the right answer, with the option to add a brief explanation. You can also rearrange the order of the questions.
  5. Click Done.
Once the quiz has been created, it'll appear at the top of the units page. When group members complete the quiz, they can choose to reveal the answers, or retake the quiz.
Admins can also check their group's unit completion, as well as checking individual performances of unit completion.
To check unit progress:
  1. Click in the top-right of the group, and select Admin Options.
  2. Below Insights to the bottom-left, click Learning.
  3. You can view your insights by Units and Posts Completed.
  4. Find a member in the search box to see individual progress with units.
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